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CultSwitch Partners with Newhotel Software

CultSwitch GmbH is excited to announce its partnership with Newhotel Software, a renowned hotel management software company based in Lisbon, Portugal. This collaboration brings together CultSwitch’s cutting-edge channel management capabilities with Newhotel’s comprehensive suite of software solutions. The goal is to optimize hotel operations, boost sales, and provide exceptional customer service.

The partnership between CultSwitch and Newhotel Software offers a range of advantages for hoteliers seeking to optimize their operations and maximize revenue:

  1. Seamless Integration: The integration of CultSwitch’s channel management platform with Newhotel’s all-in-one software suite creates a seamless and efficient workflow. These systems work harmoniously, ensuring real-time availability updates, rate synchronization, and operational data management between the hotel’s property management system (PMS) and various online booking channels.
  2. Expanded Distribution Network: By partnering with CultSwitch, Newhotel Software users gain access to a wide network of internet distribution channels, online travel agencies (OTAs), meta-search platforms platforms, and a highly conversion-optimized booking engine for their own website. This expanded reach enhances the hotel’s online visibility, attracting more guests and driving a substantial increase in direct bookings.
  3. Automated Processes: CultSwitch’s advanced channel management technology automates time-consuming manual tasks, such as logging into multiple booking sites and entering reservation data. This automation saves hoteliers valuable time, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences and growing their business.
  4. Personalized Support: CultSwitch’s experienced team provides personalized support and professional advice to hoteliers, helping them optimize revenue through online bookings. With a deep understanding of the hospitality industry, CultSwitch offers one-on-one care to guide hoteliers in leveraging the partnership effectively.
  5. Real-Time Data Accuracy: CultSwitch guarantees the accuracy of its services and ensures seamless transmission of reservations, including credit card data, to the Newhotel PMS. This commitment to data integrity gives hoteliers peace of mind, reducing the risk of overbookings or inaccuracies in reservation management.

Newhotel Software’s suite of solutions, including PMS, front-office operations, point of sale, spa and wellness management, events and conventions, stocks, and more, perfectly complements CultSwitch’s channel management expertise. Newhotel’s software applications are fully scalable and suitable for all business procedures, fiscal requirements, and multilingual environments, making them an ideal fit for hotels worldwide. Additionally, CultSwitch’s advanced distribution capabilities empower Newhotel users to expand their reach, attract more guests, and drive revenue growth.

The partnership between CultSwitch and Newhotel Software represents an exciting development in the hospitality industry. By combining CultSwitch’s robust channel management platform with Newhotel’s comprehensive suite of software solutions, hoteliers gain access to powerful tools that streamline operations, enhance distribution capabilities, and improve overall performance.