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Booking Engine CultBooking Extensively Upgraded and Conversion-Optimized

Users of the new CultBooking version increase their revenues by an average of 52 percent over the previous version.

Berlin, August 8, 2019. CultSwitch, the innovative channel management provider for hotels, has improved its CultBooking booking engine in many areas and has specifically optimized it for conversions. With CultBooking, hotels, hostels or guesthouses can turn their own website into an online sales channel and offer potential customers a convenient and easy way to book overnight stays.

In combination with the CultSwitch Channel Manager, CultBooking (demo link) provides website visitors with information about available rooms, prices and special offers and also allows them to book directly. For the new booking channel, the provider CultSwitch does not charge any additional fees or commissions. CultBooking as part of the normal channel management contract is a free service extension, only a small fee is charged for the setup.

The new features offered by CultBooking include a significant increase in the conversion rate, further optimization for use on mobile devices, numerous improvements in user-friendliness and look & feel, additional languages and more booking options (e.g. for meal plans). On request, CultSwitch integrates the booking engine into the customer’s website and also implements individual wishes, for example, color adjustments according to the homepage design.

“As we constantly enhance our offerings, we focus on those improvements that add the most value for our clients,” explains Dr. Reinhard Vogel, Managing Director of CultSwitch. “CultBooking now provides hotels with a particularly economical and effective way to market their rooms directly.”

An evaluation by CultSwitch showed that pilot users of the new CultBooking version achieved an average increase in sales of 52 percent compared to the previous version. At the peak, increases in the three-digit percentage range were reported. The Hotel Dorfkammer in Olsberg in the Sauerland increased its bookings via the homepage by 131 percent from January to July 2019 compared to the same period last year. “The optimizations at CultBooking are paying off,” comments hotel manager Alexandra Rönick. “It is important for us that we can offer a booking function ourselves. If guests can only book on online portals, commissions of up to 15 percent are charged and there is always the risk that bookings will be made with the competition”.

The Bergmann Boardinghouse Osnabrück even quadrupled its web bookings (332 percent increase from March to June 2019 compared to March to June 2018). The house had revised its website and switched to the new CultBooking version. “The investment in your own homepage is definitely worth it,” says Lisa Greve, Deputy Head of the Bergmann Boardinghouse Osnabrück. “In addition to the very prominent placement of the booking button, a conversion-optimized design, as offered by CultBooking, is also important”.

The Bergmann Boardinghouse shows how a skillful integration of the CooBooking Booking button on the landing page can look like. Source:
The booking mask can be adapted to the colour design of the hotel website. Source: